Water and Resilience

Towards fair and effective responses to climate change

Researcher: Aashis Joshi

Supervisors: Emile Chappin and Neelke Doorn

This project will focus on developing multi-actor systems models and a modelling framework to capture the societal context and processes of climate adaptation, and evaluate their effects on different societal actors in terms of resilience and justice. I will use agent-based modelling to represent climate change impacts in social systems and the adaptive actions that different actors are able to take given their circumstances, with the aim to trace out their co-evolving consequences for peoples’ well-being. A key interest is to identify the types of responsibility arrangements among differentially-capable societal actors that are fair, justified, and effective in fostering resilience and social justice in different adaptation contexts. In addition, we also seek to uncover the patterns of societal conditions that are likely to be conducive to the emergence and sustenance of resilient and just responsibility arrangements.

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