Water and Resilience

Towards fair and effective responses to climate change


We welcome students who would like to write a master thesis on a topic related to the project. We especially welcome students from the TU Delft master programs Complex Systems Engineering & Management (CoSEM) and Engineering Policy & Analysis (EPA). We expect to advertise specific thesis topics for which you can enroll in the course of 2021, but it is also possible to come up with your own topic. Please contact Émile Chappin or Neelke Doorn if you have a concrete idea for a master thesis. 

Water ethics course

Water ethics course

The team delivers the water ethics course, a master level course delivered at Delft University of Technology. Course description: Water is essential for life. While we can in principle survive weeks without food, without water, we would not survive more than a couple...

Graduation projects

Students from TPM's Engineering & Policy Analysis (EPA) and Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM) master programs who would like to do their thesis on a topic on the interface of resilience and social justice and who would like to use agent-based...

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